Distinctive YOU Marketing

Frugal Marketing

Find what marketing is best for your personality, your pocketbook, and your product or service (and yes, stores and books are usually both products and services of one kind or another!) 

When a fullscale promotion campaign for your book or store is required (and it always is), you hire a professional to help you plot your campaign to help you plot your campaign.

One hour will:
  • educate you to the need for publicity (publicity is free as compared to advertising which costs money!).
  • show you why free is even better than paid. 
  • give you resources to get you started and keep you going.
  • give you the tools to write great query letters and media releases so you can get exposure from radio and TV appearances, feature articles, blogs and other places on the Web.
  • equip you to partner with a publicist or marketing person assigned to you by your publisher or the one you hire on your own.
  • give you guidelines for hiring the right publicist if you choose to go that route.
  • save you thousands of dollars whether you choose to manage your own publicity campaign or hire it done.

We'll Tailor Your Promotion to:
   - your personality.
   - your pocketbook.
   - your brand.

We'll also work to improve the voice in your proposals or other writing, not change it and help you cut the time you spend on blogging, tweeting, and other online promotion in half.