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Join a Corporate Board

“Earn Your Seat on a Corporate Board”

Most authors are interested in advancing their careers, gaining influence and creating auxiliary streams of income. Earning your place on a corporate board can do just that. Your knowledge, your skillset, your career can all make you a perfect candidate for a seat on a corporate board. Getting there is the difficult part.

There are other reasons - maybe you have a passion and want to help a group of people. You could be a huge benefit to an organization. Fundraising, event planning and networking are instrumental parts to being a board member. You might find yourself side-by-side with the CEO working on a project together. Imagine the opportunities that might arise for you. 

Corporate board seats are scarce and competition is fierce. In Earn Your Seat on a Corporate Board, Harvard Business School "Working Knowledge" author equips you with the seven actions that find and win you the ideal seat.

Attendee will learn from real-world case studies, detailed examples, and powerful proven tactics.

This bottom line is this: Don't sit passively waiting for a corporate board to find you. Take action on your ambition. We will guide you step-by-step.

Formats: Keynote, Seminar, Workshop, Coaching