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Everything Starts with a Book

When someone says, “Who is that sitting in the driver’s seat?” The answer should be you. As an Author, nobody controls the outcome of your book’s success more than you. Many authors who move from wannabe author to actually being a bestselling author just publish their book, and that’s that. Is that what you want? Publishing a book is usually done by someone else or even if it’s done by you, I don’t believe that’s the measure of success. Book sales for most authors is short-lived unless they are doing what? Marketing, marketing and more marketing. 

This course is designed to fill the gap. It includes:
  • Publishing the book
  • Establishing a network
  • Employing various book marketing services
  • Mastering Amazon
  • Encouraging bulk sales
  • ​Creating marketing materials
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting and Audio Books 
  • Pre-Launch Plan – 6 weeks prior to Launch
  • Launch Plan
  • Resources
  • More Promotion sites
  • How to write a good book review
  • Canned Tweets
  • Website SEO
  • And more including KDspy 

Let’s get started…