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Radio Interviews

Done-For-You Radio/Podcast Tour
We will introduce you and your story to an exclusive list of 4000 radio shows and podcasts that
are passionate about personal growth, wellness, spirituality, women’s empowerment, self-help,
conscious business and memoirs-with-a-message!
By the time we add in all the morning drive, general talk shows and your specialty subject shows,
we reach more than 9,000 radio shows and podcasts with your pitch!
To secure the acclaimed experts in this niche to write the pitch, make your introduction and book
your calendar solid...
Want to see a few Rave Reviews? 

"I got me more radio show interviews than I even wanted."—Dr. Joe Vitale, author "At Zero" and

"The Attractor Factor"

"I did more than 50 interviews. It was great to have so many people hear this message when we
only had a very condensed time period to reach them!"—Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the
international bestseller "The Four Agreements"

"An amazing database of radio and internet talkshow hosts WHO ARE LOOKING to talk to
self-help and spiritual authors. They kept me so busy with interviews that I barely have time to
breathe!"  —Arielle Ford, bestselling author of "The Soulmate Secret"


Radio and Podcast Opportunities You Can Pitch Yourself!
Monthly Subscription

You are delivered 25+ radio shows and podcasts every month-- complete with contact
information for the host or producer. This covers broadcast, satellite, podcast and internet
radio shows. Included in this are:
  • 2 national shows,
  • 6 local and regional broadcast shows,
  • 6 internet radio shows on prominent networks,
  • 6 general interest podcasts,
  • 4 business podcasts, 
  • 2 book-focused shows, 
  • 2 either videocasts or pay-to-play.  
We feed you at least a dozen transformational radio shows from my proprietary list every two  weeks (25+ per month), complete with contact information for the host or producer. This covers broadcast, satellite, podcast and internet radio shows.