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Why a Spanish edition?

With 60 million Hispanics living in the United States, the market for Spanish editions is greater than ever. However, simply using an automated translation app is not the answer.  A line editor is a must if you want your message to be clearly and accurately portrayed.

There's nothing more insulting than reading a book in your native language that has poor grammar or awkward colloquialisms.  You want your  message to be music to their ears, not like fingernails on a blackboard.

Our professional translator and editor has vast experience and a total comprehensive and fluency in both Spanish and English which allows her to deliver an professional product. Reach out now and get started!

Here's what our translator says: 

"Spanish is my first language, so I choose to read books in Spanish sometimes. I have always been sadly impressed to see how, when the book is a translation, most of the times have many mistakes, and sometimes even whole paragraphs make no sense.  I have a college degree in Architecture, Urbanism and Design, and a master’s degree in Business Administration. I have been editing Spanish papers, essays and documents my entire life, while in college and professional life, just to help colleagues or to deliver proper documents for research and everyday work. I recently found myself correcting bad and not so bad translated books, and realized how good and passionate I am about it.

I am extremely careful; from maintaining tenses and pronouns consistent, to honor and keeping the author’s message intact… and everything in between. My product is impeccable.  I believe in discussing directly with the author some ground rules; communicating with him/her is extremely important to deliver the true concept of the book.

Proofreading Spanish translations: Even if the book already is on the market, consider allowing me to read it and advise if a correction would be necessary. There is no charge for me to read a few chapters, and “diagnose” the level of correction needed, and give the author/editor an estimate to do so.

Line editing Spanish translation, including corrections, punctuation, spelling, grammar etc. The design of the book can be revised, if needed.

Translating + editing an English manuscript or already edited book. This would be the most cost-effective combination. I make a quick and what I call “raw” translation and then line edit it, including designing the book.
My rates range from $0.04 to $0.12 per word. I do not charge for reading and working on a diagnose and estimate for the author/editor.

Same rates apply to any kind of documents: speeches, e-books, technical documents, essays, etcetera.