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How would you like to have contacts for hundreds—or even thousands--of grassroots speaking opportunities in your market instantly at your fingertips? That’s what we provide. We do the research so you don’t have to. You receive name, email, phone number for the meeting, association, organization and venue coordinators that book speakers in your community.  It’s the VERY FIRST resource that gives speakers, experts, authors, coaches and entrepreneurs exactly what you need most....access to your audiences.

Own Your List...Own Your Stages...Own Your Market!

This is the very first resource that provides Speakers, Experts, Authors, Coaches and Entrepreneurs comprehensive lists of grassroots speaking contacts in the market of their choice instantly at their fingertips. Included are thousands of meetings, associations and venues in each market, along with a contact name, phone and email--in up to 50 business categories, plus philanthropic and service groups, consumer-based special interest groups; and spirituality, faith-based and consciousness organizations. Listings for women’s, minority, gender, aging and other diverse populations are highlighted. This saves thousands of hours of research. Once purchased, the  Directory is available in both PDF and Excel format for updating anytime within the space of one year, with an annual renewal available. 

Monthly Subscription

This gives you the exclusive, inside scoop on direct contacts to book your own transformational speaking opportunities.  The hard work is done for you, so that you'll focus on what you do best -- speaking and working with your new tribe. Twice every month, you'll receive the most up-to-date information about venues, events and organizations that are looking for speakers like you!

This includes ALL of the hot regions in both the U.S. and Canada:
  • top book tour promotion sites
  • local chapters of national organizations
  • local business and networking meetings
  • upcoming multi-speaker events and expos
  •  leading Unity and Centers for Spiritual Living
  • wellness events and presentation locations
  • yoga centers
  • women’s organizations
  • health and wellness support groups
  • national conferences and conventions 
  • civic, fraternal, and health organizations 
  • resort and retreat centers
  • TEDx events and many more.

You get more than 120 leads per month! Plus a private Facebook Group with HOT! timely new leads, too!