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Earn a TED talk


Congratulations on your two TEDx Talks! It is a real journey to get from concept to stage in the TEDx environment, and you are both to be praised for this difficult achievement!
The TEDx Engagement is focused on demonstrating to the TEDx audience the authority you bring to your subject matter. As a Subject Matter Expert in TED-world, your ideas will be shared and commented upon in ways that bring you to the attention of the TED audience – expanding the audience you currently have professionally. These are key metrics:
Share your TEDx Talk video
Comments on your Talk Content
External TEDx mentions in Media and Press and other forums
Engagement Coaching
Thought Leaders share ideas that change behavior and ultimately the world – 1 person at a time. Demonstrating that your Thought-Gems are worthy of sharing is the key to successful engagement.
The objectives are:
  • 2,500-5,000 views of your TEDx Talk
  • 250+ comments
  • External posts linking back to your TEDx Talk including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Medium
  • Bolt-on interest that may lead to media / podcast interviews, mentions and continued sharing
  • Create additional interest in your Book titles

With massive views and comments, you'll gain the attention of TED and may be invited to do a TED talk - the promised land!