Distinctive YOU Marketing

Video Marketing

In today’s world, more than ever you need top quality photo/video content.  You cannot afford to have photos and videos that look like you filmed it on your phone.  It says a lot about your business and it is your first impression to a potential client, wouldn’t you agree?  Whether you want to admit it or not, strong content is the key to a successful business.  How you present yourself on camera is everything today.  We understand that it may be frustrating but there are plenty of solutions to help empower you. 

And they are all right here.​​

This is the one stop shop for all of your photo and video needs.  This is a unique service catered to get your message out their through powerful content.  Do you need an ad or a reel for your business or book?  What about videos for your website?  Are you a coach and would like to create an online masterclass for your clients?  Do you have footage that requires editing?  How about lessons on how to use your own camera so you can create your own content.  Are you looking to create content for your social media accounts?  Do you know how to utilize social media to your advantage?   Well we do!  Along with creating your personalized content, you have the option to acquire a posting calendar which is  an effective plan that gains optimum results, targets your demographic and bring yours audience to your website.

If you are having difficulty translating your work to media, this is the best place to be.  The packages are tailored to fit your needs inspired by your voice.  The packages include high quality photos/videos with one on one call sessions so we can figure out exactly what will work best for you, your product and your market.  We will work together on creating the scripts, the style, the kind of content,  where to market them and so much more.